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Real estate market Analysis

Leveraging our thirty years of experience in the real estate sector, we conduct detailed market analyses to provide you with precise and up-to-date information on the value of your properties. Our real estate consultancy is aimed at maximizing the return on your investments, whether you are selling a home or seeking a new property to purchase.

Valuation Study

Through an in-depth and personalized study, we assess the potential for value enhancement of your properties. Our consultancy is based on a thorough understanding of the market and current trends, ensuring the best possible outcome in the sale or leasing of a property. Real Estate Valuation: We offer professional real estate valuation services, utilizing accurate and updated methodologies. With our consultancy, you can obtain a timely valuation of your property, whether you are selling or leasing a home.

Documentation Verification

We carefully verify all documentation related to your real estate transaction, supported by qualified professionals, ensuring maximum transparency and administrative compliance. A consultancy and problemsolving service is in place to assist you in the bureaucratic process.


Urban Planning Checks

Before proceeding with any real estate operation, we ensure that due checks on building and urban planning regulations (R.R.E) are conducted. Our consultancy protects you from potential risks and ensures your property’s compliance with current legislation.

Communication Marketing

We use innovative and targeted marketing strategies to promote the sale or rental of your properties. Through focused advertising campaigns and presence on major real estate portals, we guarantee maximum visibility and quick sales. Real Estate Portals: Thanks to our presence on major real estate portals, we ensure maximum visibility for your properties for sale or rent. Take advantage of our network of contacts and our experience to achieve the best possible results.

Real estate Database

We have an extensive database of properties and clients, which allows us to quickly identify the best purchasing or selling opportunities for you. Our consultancy is based on accurate and updated data, ensuring maximum effectiveness in your real estate operations.


Collaborations through Partner Companies

To facilitate your real estate operations even outside your local area, we offer consultancy and sales services in collaboration with connected partner companies, also in capital cities and renowned tourist locations. Thanks to our network of contacts and our experience, we help you find quick and convenient solutions for your needs.

Financial Consultancy

In addition to selling and purchasing properties, we offer financial consultancy to support you in managing your real estate assets. Whether you are looking for financing to purchase a property or investment strategies, our team of financial consultants is here to assist you.

Closing Negotiation

We manage negotiations and the closing phase of transactions with competence and professionalism. Our consultancy assists you in every phase of the selling or purchasing process, ensuring a positive and satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.

With G.&V. Immobiliare, you have a reliable and competent partner by your side, ready to offer you the best real estate consultancy for your needs. Contact us today and begin your journey towards real estate success with us.


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