What we do

We offer our extensive advice to sell, buy or have an income from a real estate property, thanks to our thirty years experience and to collaboration with skilled professionals, both internal and external.

To sellers, G&V assures an objective and equitable rating of the asset value and the ability to treat in their name on many fronts, to close the deal with the maximum benefit.
Besides e-commerce, Beccaria & Brangero use an important customer and/or potential buyers database.

To home buyers, G&V assures an extensive choice of properties, located in prestigious areas or development areas, in Turin and elsewhere. In case of very specific needs, thanks to personal relationships, we can find properties not yet on the market. Of course, every transaction takes place with total respect of standards and legal constraints from both sides.

To people in search of something personal, G&V offers discretion and professionalism. Requests often go beyond the sale, the purchase or the rent of a single property. Reputation and solid relationships, built over decades, handed down from fathers to sons, let to supervise and assist in property management, also in different geographical areas. We guarantee comprehensive services and diversified consultancy, preliminary estimates confidential and free.

All-inclusive – all in one: for foreigners or for job transfers, G&V offers a wide range of services, not only purchase or sale, but also moving, furnishings, renovations, legal reports, legal obligations: all with a single point of contact. We can directly manage all these needs or can select and coordinate professional partners and suppliers.

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